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If It Don’t Fit…..

Recently I went on a quest for cleaner dishes.  It seemed harmless enough at the time.  I mean I ask you …how could such a simple desire result in anything but spot free glasses and cutlery minus baked on food?  How could making the decision to embrace cleanliness turn into a life filled with gut wrenching soul sucking panic ridden pain and suffering. Well the answer to that question is: it can …and it did …and it still is ….
But why you ask? Pray tell us how could this happen ?
Our beautiful shiny new dishwasher didn’t fit.
Much like the bridal gown worn after the bride has had 4 kids and developed herself a hankering for Haagan Dazs ice cream.  (Carmel cone explosion to be specific) the specific space requirement for the endeavour was unavailable.
So what to do…What. To. Do?
Do we take it back? Do we make modifications to the machine in order to make it work? Do we chill for a minute and wait until a reasonable solution presents itself?
Some folks might.
We’re not them.
And by “we” I mostly mean my husband as I was not privy to his  choice until well after the fact.  As the great George  Bush once said” He was the “decider”.
We/He cut the countertop out.  Good news the dishwasher fits now…
Bad news….
We are currently under renovation…. Both figuratively and literally….
More to follow…
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