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Have you ever had an idea so inspired ( in your own mind, at least) that spiralled so out of control that you literally wanted to hide under the bedcovers until the madness stopped?
Yeah me neither.  Until 2 weeks ago,that is, when I had the brilliant idea of doing a full on upstairs reno.
Obviously we had the rather pressing issue of a missing/maimed countertop that required our immediate attention.  However as I am a firm believer in signs from the universe I may or may not have taken that to an unhealthy level.
So what began as a new counter has evolved or has been created…( not wishing to offend any creed or religion) into a cascade of projects that will if carried out completely lead us to a beautiful new kitchen and upstairs.
Once the counters were destroyed I felt we should paint.  Which really does make sense because that way we can cleanse our existing colour pallet and begin anew.Sadly that did mean we would be repainting the entire upstairs as I am if nothing else ridiculously thorough.
So the checklist begins
1. New counters
2. Paint the upstairs
And of course the back splash needed to be replaced because the old one was attached to the now defunct counter.  This one obviously not a choice but a necessity.
And then there was the hood vent which never really matched our appliances. White for goodness sake…all black and stainless steel appliance and a white hood vent it was complete madness I tell you.  My tolerance of this has met it’s end.
Moving on to the cupboards which really needed to be re-stained.  Kyler my youngest had started that particular ball rolling a few years back when he decided to tag them with permanent green marker.  That day was so special.
Of course if we were going to be repainting the upstairs we would absolutely need to replace the living room blinds which at best would make a crack den look shabby.  The cats and 3 boys all had a hand in their sad transformation.
At this point I could could almost sense the Shareholders of Home Depot begin to salivate.
But was that the end?  Would it be enough?  I obviously thought not.
Because next thing I knew a wall came crashing down and it was game on.  Luckily not a retaining wall…as that would have presented a whole new set of issues.
So to date we have fully committed to the following projects.
1. New counters
2.fresh paint.  ( the untold horror of that will follow in a subsequent post)
3. New backsplash ( funny story too)
4. Cupboards painted/stained
5. New hood vent
6. New living room blinds
7. And the loss of a wall ( thankfully superfluous )
And don’t tell Vance but with the new paint colours I chose my old furniture clashes something fierce.
So here we are committed.  Not literally….of course….however we are in the very early stages and the state of my mental health has been called into question before for a whole lot less…..
This reno will happen….it is happening…it’s taking on a life of its own and soon it might just be its own sovereign being….of course that might be a blessing in disguise as my eldest child turns 18 this year and I could use another dependent for tax purposes.
I think we will name our new reno Charlie.
Peace out for now.


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