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If you don’t have a plan…how would you know what you should have been?   16 comments


I am famous for the five year plan that runs into a huge snag about five minutes after its conception. In truth, I am not much of planner at all. I consider myself more of a proactive reactor, which basically means that I lightly pencil things in and when that doesn’t happen, I just bounce. It’s been working so far and as I always say if it ain’t broke ….it ain’t mine.

So where am I going with this?

Recently, I was listening/eavesdropping to a conversation between two moms at the mall. One of the ladies was talking about her son who is twenty-two and will be graduating from university next year. She said he had a very firm plan for the next ten years. He would get a job, buy a house, get married and have at least two children by the time he turned thirty. She said all this with great pride and without even the tiniest bit of hesitation.

I thought of my own life and could not help but wonder if a life could actually be lived with such efficiency?

Not my life obviously.

You see, at twenty-two I had a plan too. Not quite that structured but I definitely had a few core ideas that I was going to run with. First off, I was never going to get married or have any kids. I was going to be a journalist and travel the world. I was going to be fluent in at least three languages and live with two cats. My life would never be boring, and I would be the envy of all….other cat ladies.

So let’s reflect on how that plan fleshed out.

I am married with four children. I do remember telling my husband I wanted four cats, which is usually man repellant, but we were in a loud bar at the time, so I guess he misheard me and thought I said kids? I speak one language and can swear in three others. I have never traveled the world but I have Google Earth so that’s sort of the same. I never wrote a big story but I can write a heck of a grocery list. I live with one cat and three cat/dogs. My life is definitely not boring so I guess that worked out but as for being the envy of all, I think I would say, that I am more of a cautionary tale.

So was there a defining moment where my life plan took a u turn and ended up in opposite land? Probably. Does it matter? Probably not.

You see, the one thing I can always plan on, is that any plan I make usually ends up resembling a Picasso painting version of the original idea. That’s okay though, as I have never been a destination kind of a girl. I am all about the detours and roadblocks and I firmly believe that any life worth living should always be under construction or deconstruction depending on the day…which sort of explains a few of my other posts.

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Let’s Do This Thing…..For Now   Leave a comment


Okay so some of you….and you know who you are ….have been encouraging…although sometime it felt like nagging me ( with love) …to start a blog…
Side bar: you would not believe how long it just took me to insert a word using this format…holy$&@? Batman…if I had that kind of time to waste I’d start writing a blog…wait a minute…
Anyway I have made the decision to start.
I am a great starter of things …not big on finishing things.  So we will see how far I take this.  I’m not saying I give up I just move on….I have a tendency to chase shiny objects and quite frankly I have the attention span of an embryo..that being said I am fully committed ….for now….to bring you as much sarcastic ranting as I possible until I get bored and move on or you get bored and leave me…but don’t leave me because I have extreme abandonment issues as well. We might touch on that later so stay tuned..
I will be reposting some of my facebook rants here because along with my raging ADD and abandoment issues I also have a tendency to be a bit lazy…. 
Sidebar: this isn’t much of a rant so far as it is a rather sad bit of insight in to my shortcomings…that could really be a blog in and of itself.  
So there you have it kids….you have just read the first post.  Was it earth shattering…probably not….was it informative…I think so….after all it is quite possible some of you were unaware of my multiple psychosis and now you know.  Your welcome.
Happy to have you aboard…..

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