Apocalypse Not?   16 comments

Dear God

Mr.Trump just won again….I know it seems bleak…Sodom and Gomorrah bleak….but I was hoping you would refrain from sending in the horseman of the apocalypse for just a bit longer.

I’m not saying that a certain voting demographic couldn’t benefit from a strongly worded burning bush…or maybe even a very localized weather event in the genre of say a Red Sea parting or a semi great flood….or anything else that might remind them of that little section in the bible that talks about of the perils of deifying a false prophet or just about anything that discusses what to look for in an antichrist.

Not trying to tell you how to do your thing….I know you got this…it’s just….if you could possibly give us a sign that this is just big cosmic ha ha….I for one would sleep a lot better at night.

Yours faithfully Janyce

PS. In the event of a sudden rapture I would totally prefer to ascend wearing my clothes …more for the benefit of others than myself. Again this would be up to your discretion.

Posted March 16, 2016 by janyceresh in Uncategorized

16 responses to “Apocalypse Not?

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  1. Go Bernie!

  2. post script is a beauty!

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  4. Jany we’re even holding our breath in Canada. How did he make this far??? ❤
    Diana xo

  5. I know. Heaven help us! Rigging of the polls is the only thing I can figure…He bought the polling authorities…

    • …the problem with our society is that we have become accustomed/ desensitized to a Jerry Springer like reality that appeals to the lowest acceptable level in human kinds evolutionary devolvement. He (Trump ) has developed a language that is designed to speak to our ID and circumvent our reason and moral code. He is scripting a campaign that engages the disenfranchised and gives them them the illusion that he gives a rats ass wether or not they live or die….he doesn’t. He never has and he never will.

  6. I have never been afraid of a candidate winning until now! Way too much like a bad Science fiction novel. Despot takes over the US and the world ends…

    I am hoping there are future time travelers primed to jump back and avert this disaster…..

  7. I’m even trembling in horror at the thought of Trump from my side of the pond in the UK. Funnily enough, I imagined the baddie in Hugh Howey’s dystopian “Wool Trilogy” looking like Trump, and that’s before I ever saw a picture of him. Let’s hope he doesn’t end up laying waste to our world with one of his misguided master plans, as that particular fictional baddie did!

  8. Maybe the devil could do one of those whirlwind things like God used with Elijah when He took him up to heaven.

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