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What the selfie is happening to us humans? If I see one more teenage girl using her phone to take a picture of herself wearing a surprised duck face I am going to be forced to make a citizens arrest.

I could you know. It’s a thing… I looked it up….

The criminal code of Canada allows for a citizen to detain and charge an individual who has performed an indecent act. Now I realize I may be taking some liberties in my interpretation of the law, but I have watched the entire series of Ally Mcbeal and Boston Legal on Netflix so I feel pretty confident that I could make a very strong case.

I would further argue that the selfie stick should be registered and included in the list of prohibitive and restricted weapons. With all these crazy narcissists waving them about in public, it is only a matter of time before they impale some innocent bystander and or somebody loses an eye.

You know the old saying “it’s all fun and games until somebody’s on their way to the emergency room.”
I’m not saying they should do time in a maximum security facility but I would definitely advocate some jail time in that prison I’ve seen on the show Orange is the new black. Try taking a good selfie with a disposable one shot camera wearing a shapeless prison jumpsuit and posting it to Facebook. I dare you.

Sometimes I close my eyes and remember a quieter gentler time, when people had the good sense to resist the urge to capture every inane moment and faked facial expression that occurred in their lives. I’m reminded of the days of old when taking pictures was reserved for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, funerals, gathering evidence for a criminal investigation or to leverage a better settlement in a divorce. Those were kinder gentler times.

To those of you out there who are guilty of this non crime… warned. Life has funny way of self correcting, and if you insist on taking your picture posing like you just had your lips sucked up in vacuum you run the real risk of capturing the enduring image …..of an idiot.
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24 responses to “My social indictment of the selfie

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  1. I’m with you on this. These pouting selfies do my head in

  2. I’d love you to record your citizens arrest and especially the part where you take it to court Ally McBeal style. I loved the show 🙂

  3. Yay! You go girl! I am so put off by the way people record everything they do and take a million photos of themselves daily. I mean, how much are you really going to change in one hour.

    Great article.

  4. First, welcome back after the hiatus. Second, good observation of a form of social (media) disease….cheers.

  5. Also, the leaning hand on hip WITH the duckface. Love those…

  6. BRAVO! BRAVO! You said what we are all thinking! I wonder how these teens are going to feel in fifty years when these photos resurface, cuz they will!

  7. Oh, the duck face! Totally stupid looking….unless you’re a duck, don’t do it!

  8. What is done between consenting adults is none of our concern – but posting a selfie while wearing a surprised duck face is prima facie evidence that the perp is incapable of consent.

  9. Though I DO have photos that would count as selfies from LONNNNNNG before cell phones. But there was NO thinking duck lips! Arrest away woman!

  10. Nice to see you back! Missed reading your blog. Hope you’re doing well..

  11. The arrest is too tame. How about fixing each selfie stick with a hidden spike to humanely do away with each would-be selfie taker in the act? They would bring it upon themselves. And one could posthumously post some REALLY startled expressions!

  12. Touché! Glad to read you again!

  13. The people ones are bad, but the food ones mystify me. I don’t understand why I would care.

  14. Is that still a thing? I thought duckfaced selfies were soooo 2010…

  15. I would really worry if I were you. A lot of my younger cop friends are posting work selfies of themselves in uniform to facebook and instagram. Much as with the zombie apocalypse, I’m afraid the police can’t help us, and those who still have a shred of reason and dignity need to separate and start over.

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