In for a penny…. In for a pound.   32 comments


Have you ever had an Oprah-esque (not sure that is a word….yet) moment when you can no longer reconcile your version of the truth with the cold hard slap in the face real life reflects back at you? It’s like waking up and realizing it is still Monday.

There you are just living your life and out of nowhere some sort of cosmic epiphany downloads to your brain which forces you to face or accept some new fact or reality. To which I always say, “Thank you real life for interrupting my regularly programmed and most enjoyable sense of contentment.”

I just would prefer to live in a softly lit bubble of fictional reality. Who wouldn’t? Truth for the most part is highly over-rated.

Sadly today, that bubble burst along with a pipe in our bathroom.

Yes folks, my home’s terrorist assault has continued and it has now begun to water board us; and by water boarding I mean rotting out my floor boards with a leaking pipe in our shower. The good news is we were able to discover the problem early when some dingy water drizzled on a friend of ours who had stopped by for a visit.

If I wasn’t before, I am now completely convinced our house is trying to break us or at the very least evict us. If my house was an animal I am certain I’d be advised to have it put down. I may have said that out loud last night… you think I caused this?

Regardless of who or what is responsible, we are now facing a demo and a rebuild. We considered hiring a professional to do the work, and then we just laughed and said why pay someone to do something that we can so effortlessly do ourselves? I mean how hard can it be? Some new pipe and a bit of soldering and Bob’s your uncle. Realistically, we should be able to knock this off in a day or two and be living the life of non-leakage in no time.

Now I know what you’re thinking, statistically speaking we haven’t had the best track record on home improvement projects; but practice makes perfect right? And we rarely make the same mistake three times. We make similar mistakes a lot but not the exact same ones, because that would make us complete idiots. I feel really good about this.

These are the things I’m telling myself to try and ward off the mother of all panic attack I sense is about to envelop me.

On a positive note we have decided to totally change the design of the bathroom. It was entirely too small; not even enough room to swing a cat. Not that I would, or have ever, swung a cat. (Please no letters). However, for arguments sake, I would assume that if ever the need did arise (to swing a cat) I would be unable to do so.

The new design will require us to bang out a couple of walls and re-plumb a few things….no big deal… just the toilet, sink and shower. This of course might add a day or two to the projected completion date but you know us… in for a penny, in for a pound.


32 responses to “In for a penny…. In for a pound.

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  1. I like the dry sense of humour, here … 🙂

  2. Gosh, I hope you are insured. It is awful to have to deal with that, but when you are luxuriating in your brand new bathroom it might be worth it. I hope you do some before and after pics, I love a good makeover 🙂

  3. I’m thinking the hermiting (not a word also–yet) up bit in front of the fire with some buttered rum and a good book is a solid plan. For all of us. Maybe at least one week per year? And especially when a bathroom pipe breaks. Wishing you speedy patches.

  4. If I could, I’d send you the Property Brothers. I wish you the best of luck in fixing it all.

  5. The best advice I can give anyone, not just you, is r–u–n. I love your verve and your humor. I think I even like you, but idea is to call the insurance company. They have good maintenance people. You do have insurance, right? You’ve money invested in your policy, right?

  6. Hang in there and keep smiling. You can write a screen play when this is over.

  7. Quality before and after pics are extremely difficult to capture in a bathroom. May I suggest rigging up a pulley system secure enough to lift a human or a swinging cat with a GoPro in order to capture the panoramic view. Good luck. 😃

    • I just mentioned the go pro idea to my cats….neither seemed too keen. I am afraid of heights and get dizzy on step ladders so I would be quite useless. I was thinking of knocking a bit of the ceiling out though…maybe by accident. And that should add some lights to the shot….I’ll let you know. BTW you are very funny!

  8. I recall the love of my life giving me a funny look.

    “What’s up? I asked.

    “I was in the hall and a drop of water hit me in the head.”

    “No worries,” I told her, “it’s just a tiny leak in the toilet.”

    $6,000 later (we did the work ourselves), we had a new bathroom.

    • Yes apparently bathrooms can be quite pricey. Good for you for tackling the project yourselves. I’m seeing a therapist for pre post traumatic Reno syndrome. It’s a thing now…

  9. Since the day they were born I’ve told my boys “never buy a house, rent and rent well!” Happiest people I’ve ever known are those who had to call the landlord to fix a problem… Good luck lady!

  10. This summer a two hour job to repair one panel in the cottage bathroom took four weeks! Good luck…

  11. the cat thing definitely made me LOL

  12. We were going through something similar about a year and a half ago. Hubby crawled under the house to see how bad that damage was. Later, when we talked about it, he wanted to do the repair of the pipe himself. I didn’t think it was a good idea and pleaded and whined. He couldn’t stand it and gave in. The job ended up being more than just one pipe. Buy shopping around for someone reliable and reasonable, we came out of it okay. Later we got our bathroom completely renovated.

    I guess I’m asking you to think extra hard about doing this yourself.

  13. We have a really awesome collection of safety goggles. Good luck on your project!

  14. It’s been a month (I’m way behind). Are you still married?

    • Yes. Divorce is not an option. No one would want the house in the settlement. On a totally related note our furnace just died. I live in Canada. Our house may be winning the battle but the war is far from over…..sadly it’s now a Cold War….

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