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I have a tendency to make the occasional mistake. Ok, it’s out there, I’m not perfect. I hope I have not disillusioned anyone too much…take a breath…this next one might come as a shock ….I’m human. Just writing that down feels freeing because I have had more than one person question my lineage. No worries I’ve had blood work and to my knowledge nothing has been deemed unusual or extraterrestrial in any way.


Getting back to my over share….


Sometimes I err on the side of caution…although that is rare and really shouldn’t bare mentioning. Of course I will mention it because you might need a frame of reference for later. Your welcome.


For me to err on the side of caution would be something like not eating a chilli dog at a gas station when the next bathroom is 75km away and always wearing make up. The latter is mostly so I don’t scare small children and unsuspecting pets. The former should be a rule of thumb for everyone because you never want to be the star of that cautionary tale.


There is also erring by omission. It’s pretty safe to say that I’ve done that on more than one occasion. Who hasn’t? For example I have stared into the mouth of someone with spinach stuck in their teeth while they chit chat away totally oblivious to the fact they resemble a pirate. That is a though one because it’s quite distracting and I often find myself transfixed and losing track of what they are talking about. I imagine them with an eye patch and a peg leg and or a hook sailing the seven seas searching for things to pillage.


Those mistakes or errors I consider misdemeanour offences. Not earth shattering or life altering and certainly not cause to lose sleep over. Then there are the times that I have made slightly larger mistakes that require me to pause and contemplate the error of my ways. These tend to primarily be behavioural and for the most part can be chalked up to lesson learned don’t repeat.


Sadly If I were to be tested on some of these I would fail miserably and be forced to go to summer school on the special bus. These are usually things that seem like a good idea at the time but in the light of day not so much. I would elaborate but at the risk of incriminating myself will have to plead the fifth. Not sure we have a fifth amendment in Canada because I made the mistake of not going to law school, but whatever you get the point.


Then there are the big kahunas. These ones are what I like to call the game changers. There I was just skipping along living la vida loco and for what ever reason I zigged instead of zagged and in an instant everything changed. I’ve had a few of these and let me tell you they can be earth shattering, gut wrenching, we have a flag on the play, kind of moments.


They have been the ones that altered my path in life. They have led me to where and who I am today. I sometimes think back to these moments when my life changed because of something I did or didn’t do, and thank God I screwed up.


These days I live a life open to the possibility that while I may not be perfect I am the sum total of every missed call, missed bus, misstep, misdemeanour mistake that I have made and I’m okay with that because every once in awhile through no fault of my own I get something right.
















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  1. You’re right. We all make mistakes because we’re only human. You have a few minor misdemeanors in your post…a couple of spelling and usage errors. But like that person with the spinach in his (or her) teeth who notices it when he or she gets home and looks in the mirror, so too will you find those small mistakes when you re-read your post.

    Or maybe they weren’t mistakes at all, but part of a clever contest to see if anyone noticed. Well done!

  2. It’s so true that we are who we are and are where we are because of the choices we’ve made (mistakes and all) Like you, I like who I am. No regrets.

  3. If there is one thing I am learning as I age, it is that all of our experiences, good and bad, contribute in ways we never could have imagined to the value we ultimately bring to the world. So I have become more accepting of things that happen because I believe they will improve me in the long run……RJV

  4. Totally adorable, as always. (And no one REALLY likes the perfect Mom, am I right?)

  5. I think if you have never made a mistake you must have never tried anything new.

  6. Thank you for the ‘over share’. I like it that we are fallible. We ARE human and zagging instead of zigging(shrugging) well we can share those doozies if a story that make us interesting. Kudos, I live your posts you are always making me have a smile on my face.

  7. We all make mistakes… And our mistakes do help us become better people, (or better yet, CAN help us) as well as shape our life paths… This post was so great! I seldom wear make up but I always wonder if I should wear it more. While that is not the main point I took from your post, I’m sitting here wondering if I should… Hmmm. But don’t worry, no gas station hot dogs of ANY Type for me- chili or not!

  8. With me, I’m one of the stars of erring by omission. Why I don’t see them coming before they happen is infuriating to me.

  9. Shoot think how boing life would be without the stories that had the phrase “Well it seemed like a good idea at the time….”

  10. We fall, we get up, we slip on the over-priced shoes we couldn’t afford in the first place – then we either become bitter or we step back, laugh and try a different way or cheaper shoes…
    And you write humorously about it, too!
    AnnMarie 🙂

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  12. Irresistibly funny and oh, so true. In the words of Pete the Cat (and Dylan) it’s all good.

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