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When did life get so expensive? Its never been cheap, but lately I have been taking some stock in our day to day expenses and I’m just not sure I can afford to have one much longer. It’s not that we live beyond our means, but I can see us moving into the neighbourhood. And let me tell you – the view from there is not all sunshine and daisies.

The reason for this is simple. We have a lot of kids. We didn’t mean to; it just sort of happened. We lived up North for a while, and I am convinced there was something in our water supply. Nothing else makes any sense.

So now that we have them, they tend to need stuff, constantly. Like, food and clothes and shelter and shoes. Which is fine, we have a budget for that. What I didn’t factor into the financial equation was that the growth of these needs would increase exponentially at the rate of … well I’m no mathematician, so let’s just say … a lot.

For example: in the past month I have bought my two eldest sons a total of twelve new pairs of jeans. Guess how many still fit them? If you said four, you would be correct. They go to bed at night, and in the morning when they get dressed, they appear to be taking the movie NOAH a little too seriously. Now, if a great flood does occur these two are all set, but as for this moment, not so much.

My youngest son goes through shoes like paper napkins. I do literally mean he goes “through” shoes. If he still has the same pair for two months, it’s only because he lost one of them for four of those weeks. Typically, we get about six weeks from the time we buy them until the time we must say goodbye to them. I’ve tried purchasing more expensive shoes to see if it is a quality issue. It’s not. He just wears them and then at some point they resemble Swiss cheese.

My daughter is graduating this year, so we remortgaged our house. At first I thought we’d be okay, but then we went dress shopping, and apparently her gown is going to cost more than my first car. Which is fine, of course. I don’t begrudge her that. The good news is that she will never, ever wear it again, so that will be money well spent.

When I go grocery shopping I usually fill 2 carts to the point where a degree in engineering would be of benefit, especially when I try and get everything back in them after I have paid. Yes, I’m the lady chasing oranges all over the parking lot because I failed to properly secure my produce bag. Don’t judge me; I’m a woman on the edge.

People in line behind me often ask if I’m having a party. I’d love to say yes, but it’s just not in the budget. Also, although I’m not sure if there is an actual test for the locust gene, if there is then I’m pretty certain my kids have it. I say this because I fill the cupboards and both refrigerators (yes, I said both) on Saturday and by Thursday we are typically coasting on fumes and sketchy leftovers.

We also consume so much milk in a week that I have actually looked into purchasing a cow. I’m not sure we are zoned for livestock though, so that idea is still very much in the infancy stage . No need to send the neighbours into a panic just yet.

So what’s the answer? A second job? Maybe. A revised budget? Perhaps. Child labour? I wish. The darn industrial revolution ruined that dream for parents everywhere. So I guess we will just keep on doing the best we can. Paying Peter while borrowing from Paul so we can raise four beautiful children and chase the fruit of our labour through the parking lot of life.



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30 responses to “Budget? I thought you said fudge it….

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  1. I so know those days of budget and stretching things so thin. Swiss cheese and fumes…great way to put it.

    It does get easier… You won’t see it tomorrow or the next week but it does happen. One day “poof!” It happens there’s an extra $20 in the pocket ….
    (I hear ya.) Have a good week.

  2. Aaahh. Sigh. I hear you. And I only have three. And they are tiny. Ill get chickens. You get the cow. We can then get all rustic and share our goods.

  3. What a great, humorous title! 😃

  4. Though we don’t have any children (yet) we still struggle with finances and with one of four siblings I know my mother might have had those feelings more than once with us growing up. Hang in there! I hope and believe it will get better 🙂

  5. When I was younger I wanted more children. I only had one and acquired one through marriage. Budgeting was rather easy for me and I thought one or two more kids would be fine with me. But then I find out about reality through people like yourself and I’m so thankful that I just had the two.

  6. I have threatened to sell both my kids on craigslist for years for just this reason….I keep being told it is illegal. At least they are both boys so there are no dresses to worry about!

  7. It’s not the water up here in the North, it’s the darned Winters and trying to keep warm! 😉

    I loved the humor in this. I just have two boys but I know my days of “cook during the week, eat leftovers on the weekend” are going to be limited. And jean… I just bought jeans a couple months ago and no, they don’t fit anymore!

  8. Bless your heart, we were there with only two children, at times it felt as if we had more children the way they ate and outgrew clothes. We had a permanent account at the layaway dept at Kmart and Wal Mart, how families do without layaways today is beyond me. Now that they are grown I should be rolling in the money, but there is always a new expense from new appliances to medical bills and prescriptions. It is a good thing everything comes in seasons and we have children before we are old enough to need doctors!! Peter and Paul always help us through the rough financial patches too! In the mean time enjoy those children – they grow up too fast as you have found out but remember as they grow up and out of the house they always come back!

    • They are amazing kids and I am a proud momma. I look forward to every day we share with them. Big families are great.
      Thanks for your comment and it’s good to know that while everything changes it basically remains the same. Lol

  9. yep, not easy as they get older, not only do they eat more, clothes become exorbitant and gadgets tend to creep in, then it’s cars, then it’s university, then it’s weddings. Oh no, I think you might be about to run for the hills 🙂 after those thoughts. If there is a positive, just think about how they can all spoil you when they are older 😉

    • It’s all positive. It’s not about the money really. It’s all the memories and funny stories that I get to share and laugh about. I never meant to seem like was complaining, because there really is nothing that I would change about our life. We are so blessed and I thank god every day for giving me this life and all the wonderful people I share it with.

  10. This was hilarious and I can totally relate. I have three girls that all wear the same size. People say I’m so lucky because they can share. Except they all need to wear sneakers, and you need a certain number of pants unless you want to do laundry every single day, which I seem to do anyways. Great post!

  11. Send those jeans that are too small this way please! Never mind clothes, There just doesn’t seem to ever be enough food!

  12. Yes, indeed. Been there; done that. And when they leave home, they end up dumping the grandchildren on you 🙂

  13. I find the budget is pretty tight with two kids – I can’t imagine it with four! I know this is just a life stage, but man – I miss the disposable income stage of life!

  14. Prices have gone up lately and I doubt many people are getting raises. It’s not easy raising a family but I’m sure you’re doing a great job.

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  16. I’m impressed. I don’t know how you do it all. Budgeting sucks. I don’t think anyone in the history of the world has ever finished looking at their bank accounts and then remarking, “Wow, this tight budget is as hot as Clive Owen’s ass!” And if that HAS been said before, that person is obnoxious and gets too much fun from math.

    My current budget involves a lot of hair pulling as I try and plan a wedding. Who knew? Who even knew how expensive getting married is? I think if we only invited 6 people, we might make the original budget. Alas, my honey and I are both the youngest children and therefore everyone we know is already married with children and the family keeps getting larger and larger. Hope our guests like spray cheese and spaghetti-ohs, that’s all we can afford now. LOL

  17. So very hilarious and yet entirely accurate.

  18. LOVED this. And the title, of course. And the Swiss Cheese. You’ve got the way. Once again, so grateful i found your blog . . . both for the levity and the reality!!

  19. People tell you kids cost before you have them. Then you get a baby, and yes, a stroller and nappies cost some but it’s not too bad. Even travelling is pretty easy; a baby fits well in a double bed with you and doesn’t require a seat on an airplane etc. So you get another one pretty quickly. You think the second one can wear the clothes of the older one until he at 5 months already is taller than she was at 1 year, and overall pretty quickly catches up with the size of big sis. And then they grow, and you need new and more expensive car seats, bigger and more expensive toys (thinking going from a rattle to a bike), own seats in airplanes, own beds in hotels… and you think, that they need to learn how to eat porridge before their teens because if they really eat as much as they say teenagers do, then how in the world are you going to finance that unless they eat porridge?!

    PS Loved the sarcasm in your post, and really good points!

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    Many thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity,
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