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CAN I VALET PARK MY CRAZY HERE….And Will you Validate?   37 comments




Recently I decided I needed to come up with a new place to park my crazy. I had been setting up camp on Facebook and sharing my rants with friends and family for the better part of forever and I felt they all deserved a break. Poor puppies. Every time I had a bee in my bonnet about something I would smear it across my status with the shamelessness of a Kardashian.


I knew I needed to branch out and reach a new audience for my brand of silly. One that wasn’t already tethered to me by DNA or by the inability to locate the unfriend option on their Facebook.


So I found and in finding this I found my people.


Everyday I get to sneak a peak into the lives of people from all walks of life and from all over the world.


Your blogs inspire me.


Some of your words and lives bare the truth as naked and raw as your souls will allow. The grace in which others triumph over adversity is humbling. I love to laugh and so many of you are magicians at finding the funny where many would or could not. Still others use art and photography to brilliantly paint your stories.


Recently WordPress bestowed a great honour to me. They freshly pressed one of my posts. I was and am so  profoundly grateful to them and all of you who share my love of blogging. Thank you for letting me follow you and not calling me stalker. And to those of you “stalking” following me I’ve removed the restraining orders ….so you’re good to go!




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