Our house is generally a little sticky, a bit cluttered and usually one load of laundry away from having Hugh Grant declare it a mountain. There have been many times I’ve walked through my front door after a long day and thought if only I had a match and a wee bit of fuel? Not that the scorched dirt policy is necessarily the best option but sometimes in a weak and desperate moment one spitballs an idea or too, that may or may not be considered a possible felony.


The thing is, I’m not entirely sure how it gets so bad so quickly. If I didn’t know better I would swear the house itself is on permanent self destruct. Maybe that’s it? Perhaps the house is so lacking in self esteem from years and years of abuse that it has literally given up. I wouldn’t blame it. I gave up years ago.


This part is difficult to admit because I’m not a quitter by nature. Sure, I stop doing stuff all the time, but mostly because I get bored or it gets too hard or it’s raining. All very good reasons to not do things anymore, in my personal opinion.


I have a gift. Well perhaps not a gift but certainly affinity. You see, I know when to wave the white flag. Sadly it’s not so white because I sometimes get a tiny bit behind on laundry too.


I hope I’m in a safe place here. This is bordering on an over-share.


Now it wasn’t always this way. For the longest time I swam against the currant of debris. I armed myself with sponges, mops and a variety of miracle cleaning products. Because I still believed in miracles back then. Oh to once again be that naive the things I would do…


Every single day, and I would like to say I’m exaggerating but sadly I’m not, I would wake up and spend no less than 3-4 hours cleaning my house. I would get it so spotless surgeries could have been performed there. I would think I was done, but It was never done. It was all just an illusion of being done. Because no sooner had I put away the vacuum and the buckets. I’d hear a splat or an oops or one of children would use the toilet and the moment was lost. The sterile living environment I had slaved to create was no longer.


So I had 2 choices. I could continue on my crazy hamster wheel trying desperately to achieve the perfect home or I could be happy. I picked happy. Now don’t get me wrong I still have standards. The house does get cleaned thoroughly once a week. Just not by me.


I have a lovely woman who agrees to come to our house and work her mojo. She does her very best to stay ahead of the chaos we create the other six days of the week. She is brave and she is strong and she was willing to sign a non disclosure agreement to never speak of things she sees that may or may not be considered a violation of the health code act.










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  1. Despite being a Bachelor I CAN RELATE! So I’m not so baad! AHA!!

  2. Yes! I fight the same battle and sometimes like right now I decide to do stuff for me instead of clean. It’s an endless war of emotions to clean or live but it’s hard to relax in the chaos. But I’m SO sick of cooking and dishes and laundry and lunches during the work week where is the quality of life anymore?

    • Wow I was just saying the exact same thing to my husband not 5 minutes ago….and then I read this.
      I don’t know where the quality went and usually I’m way too tired to look for’s probably hiding with the missing sock and all my hard earned money…sad face.

      • For sure! Sometimes I think it’s odd how instead of working to make our food we r stuck in this cycle of working to make money to buy our food…and shelter etc.

  3. I loved your post! I can really relate! Its amazing that you managed to just let that part of you go, it takes a lot of strength of character to wave that white flag.

    • I used to be an obsessive cleaner. I then ventured to India where the white flag came up happily and i just buckled as I could not clean a country, i quit. I clean yes I do, i do dishes, i sweep and keep the place reasonably clean, but i actually couldn’t care anymore. Cleaning is the most unrewarding job ever, just one second after its clean, in comes the cat or dog or me! and bam! the dirt is back and the entire 3 hours of scrubbing is gone with it.

      I quit! so my husband has taken over the cleaning! bless him! today his been spring cleaning the house and i mean really spring cleaning!
      I am ashamed to say, i chickened out of it! i dont feel the same about cleaning as i did 7 years ago, i dont give a shit anymore.

      Cleaning is unrewarding, i would rather write my blog :

      Mediocre – equals cleaning for me, which goes with mundane!
      So, I will happily skip it.!

      Selfish me.


  4. hahaha…your post had me laughing and I admit, it was a laughter of recognition. I do not have children but my house finds a way of being unkempt.
    I loved your post and the layout of your blog.
    Good luck with the cleaning lady (and hails to her). Congratulations on being freshly pressed,

  5. Reading this gave me insight into my own mothers mind. I am nearly certain that this is exactly what she says and thinks to herself on a daily basis. Bless her soul. ❤

  6. Reblogged this on iamjoyblog and commented:
    I have an angelic mojo too who keeps a tidy house for me.
    Her name is Tulsi, yes the holy basil indeed in my life.

    While I have been matching step for a decade and a half to plonk up the corporate ladder, she has taken the responsibility of keeping my home tidy. No mean job that; I have quite a vain and vague spouse zooming in and out of home to fill and refill his touring suitcase. And (OMG) two tweenagers with complete disdain for the mess they whirl up – literally everywhere they move around !!!
    Thank the lord for the graciousness of my maid Friday, I preen and prance on in life.

  7. Loved the post – I contemplate throwing the dinner dishes out every night instead of washing them so I can relate.

    • I’m loathed to admit but when my husband and my schedules get gruelling busy during the summer months. We use paper…please don’t tell on me….let’s keep in the share square….

  8. Hmmm, sounds a lot like my sitch…for now I have to blame the writing gigs…and that excuse works, but I cannot fool ME…that’s the problem. I no longer have the at-home children to cause me the “I quit” attitude…but I do have a man here who is burner challenged in the kitchen arena, and sometimes that alone works…I just have to accept that there is more going on in the world that needs attending to… such as reading your FP post…and that dust is an equal opportunity issue…lol. Love your sense of humor. Congrats on “Freshly Pressed”. That’s what I hope to be someday. To hell with dust…and maybe I WILL luck out the next time Mr. Sweetcheeks gets a little too exuberant with grease and a hot burner…I’ll get to move..;)

  9. I enjoyed your humor and your honesty. I know how you feel, definitely.

  10. “Just do a load of laundry every day, “they say, and it makes me want to jump off a bridge.. But then I think i am doing laundry All of the time, like more than sex, which is just not ok. I’ve refused. Once a week, that’s it. If my machine is getting more action than me, I’m waving the red flag. It’s just a battle that can’t be crumbs on the floor…’re screwed after the first fruit loop.

  11. I found there is a middle ground and that is where I live. I do know the struggle in housework and weight as well. Hang in there and never give up. Thank goodness you have someone that can help out.

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  13. Thank you for following my blog Howl To Find Meaning. Looking forward to delving into your sarcasm—it’s a gift that keeps giving!

    Peace to you.

    Bill Danner

  14. I love your theme, and I love your larger font and how you paragraph your writing, and I love your content.

  15. Oh, the woes of being a perfectionist!

  16. I adored your writing! How cute! “..the house is so lacking in self esteem from years and years of abuse that it has literally given up.” Ohhh how I can relate to that! 😀

  17. I can completely relate to this post. I nanny and look after a family with 4 children. No sooner do I tidy and clean something, does it become worse than before I started. Every day it’s a fighting battle and by the end of the day I’m ready to accept defeat. Good luck to you and your valuable cleaning lady!

  18. This is how I solved my house problem: understanding that we don’t live in a museum!

  19. Can we be friends? I too am a recovering clean-a-holic. Love your analogies. Thanks for liking my posts and following my blog. I am happy to follow yours as well.
    Best regards,

  20. Lol, I too went through the obsessive cleaning stage… I grew up in a really dirty house… I like to find a happy medium : )

  21. Thanks for following my blog..and I salute you for simply being able to wave that white flag so to say…I wish I could do just the same though..

  22. You’re preaching to the choir here 🙂 Thanks for following me on Cold, where the messes are emotional, and man are they hard to clean up.

  23. Men are quick to come to this life-changing discovery – what you clean, you just have to do all over again. So why bother?
    Of course, the car is the exception.

  24. Thanks for checking out my blog and signing on. I love your humour! Yes, houses do have a way become cluttered. Over the years I became really good at stuffing everything in the wealth of closet space I’ve been granted. Well, it’s time to come out of the closet! Those things are down right frightening now! Cheers.

  25. I want to Move Soometimes in a weak and desperate momentAnd sometimes I want to stay Always feel in god mood is impossable

  26. Whew. I’m glad it’s not just me.

  27. I hear you completely with this post!! The battle of trying to keep a house clean is never-ending. Good for you for hiring out! I need to do that!

  28. great concept (and web design)!

  29. I love it! I so need this lady- is she free, or maybe even cut price? 🙂

  30. Reblogged this on majs51.

  31. OMG, this was SO funny and so relatable. Every line of your first paragraph was gold!

  32. House elves have a cruel sense of humor. Trust me, I know. I’m now telling everyone the cob webs seen around the ‘Ranch’ are my “howliween” decorations. How else can I explain the state of disarray and chaos? 😉

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