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Do you know how many times my youngest has come home with only one shoe? Of course you don’t, why would you? Let’s just say more than once and leave it at that. His closet is like the lonely hearts club for sneakers. I have a theory that the missing sock in the dryer and this missing shoe thing are some how connected. That maybe they are both living in alternate universe having a big old laugh at my expense. Of course one must first exhaust the more plausible explanations before leaping to that one….at least that’s what my therapist tells me.

If you ask him “where is your other shoe?” He”ll say, “lost it”‘ like its just another day in paradise and there is nothing to see here folks. But I have questions and I need answers. How do you leave with 2 shoes and come back with one and not at some point realize that something is amiss?

So I ask the hard questions.

“When did you last see your shoe? “

Child says ” I don’t know?”

“Did you look for it?”



“I don’t know …around?”

“Well keep looking for it. Unless you can say with complete certainty that it was abducted by aliens.”

“Mom, I can’t go outside and look, I only have one shoe.”

At this point in the conversation I usually just find a spot on the wall to bang my head against. It doesn’t help the situation but sometimes I forget what I’m upset about for awhile.

It’s not all bad news though, due to my being frequent shopper I’ve almost convinced the Shoe Warehouse to issue me a punchcard. Yippee!




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41 responses to “One Shoe Over the Cuckoos Nest

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  1. Yeah, common problem and not only shoes. But shoes are the hardest to explain without invoking alien abduction. Just what are the aliens doing with all those shoes? Ask your therapist that!

  2. Is always the same shoe (left vs right). I think I may be time for a fashion statement, mis matched foot wear!

  3. Depending on how old your youngest child is, I guess you could try to make him/her responsible for having the money for replacement shoes. Maybe… just maybe he/she will keep better track of them if he/she a losing money.

  4. Remember when Kris Kross was wearing their clothes backwards and making everybody “jump, jump,”? Your kid is a trend setter. Pretty soon everybody will be wearing only one shoe at a time and saying they “lost it” to a funky hip hop beat.

  5. Shoes aren’t my problem but socks definitely are.

  6. Thanks a bunch for the like! It’s appreciated! Just having a gander through your blog and I love it šŸ˜Š. I myself had the same problem a few times in some university nights out so I can completely empathize with your child! You have definitely found a new follower in me, if you want to keep up to date with my shocking attempt at running a scary amount of miles please jump on my band wagon. L.

  7. Whoops, sorry fellow blogger! I didnt realise you had already followed..thank you šŸ˜Š

  8. I can’t tell you how many times my 14-year-old son has lost a shoe. Seriously, I can’t tell you. My therapist has actually encouraged me to repress those thoughts. He says it’s healthier than talking about it at this point. I suppose it’s working because… wait, what were we talking about?

  9. My family’s version of that is: all the many and various ways that my two sons manage of crush, bend, mangle and/or lose their glasses on a monotonously regular basis. We are such common visitors to the local opticians’ that I really think we deserve named seats in the waiting room. And my eldest son once managed to lose his glasses in the middle of the maze at Blenheim Palace. That’s in the UK, you’ve probably never been there but just imagine a really big maze with tall hedges that can take 30+ minutes to find your way through. That was a fun afternoon. And by fun I mean not fun. (Though we did find the glasses – eventually.)

  10. Think about it, shoes come in pairs. Why sweat it if you lose a spare?

    I guess it all comes down to what is important. Bugs are important. Leaping into puddles is important. Dogs are always very important. Shoes… not so much.

  11. Tie the shoes together by the laces? Like with mittens. Kidding šŸ™‚

  12. Could he have traded it at lunch for a cookie?

  13. I love your style! Fun, refreshing and just enough to start someone’s day with a smile (at your expense of course)
    Thank You for that !

  14. My daughter wore the wrong shoes home from the McDonalds playland one time. The shoes looked the same but the ones she wore home were two sizes too big and brand new. Course took me a few days to notice (we have six kids, cut me some slack) but we did return them, but hers never showed up. I hear you on the one shoe thing too, happens a lot!

    • So your telling me that the ball room ate your daughters shoe??? This conspiracy keeps getting bigger and bigger all the time…I wonder if the authorities are aware of this epidemic? I bet they are…probably just don’t want to cause unnecessary fear mongering.

  15. Only a parent would understand this dilemma! Perhaps check the lost property box at school – you may be able to reconnect the lonely hearts. šŸ™‚

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  17. You’re onto something! If you solve the case, let us know.

    Jackie Saulmon Ramirez
  18. Hilariously written even though I’m sure you don’t much feel like it’s a totally a laughing matter?! šŸ™‚

    • It’s either I find the funny in life or someone should just book me a padded room….I think laughter is probably the best option..however there are days when a mini vacation even to crazy town seems sort of refreshing.

  19. It’s gloves here. Bloody gloves. My one handed glove collection grows more massive every month. The problem with this is that you’re duped into believing the missing one will eventually reappear; standing proud on a fence from some Good Samaritan, lingering at the bottom of a rucksack or magically rolled up in a sock. They never do of course. Once AWOL the blasted things stay that way, leaving you with yet another freshly lonely, woolly mitt. Hey-ho. Good luck with the shoe hunting.

  20. Thanks for the like Jany!
    My daughters never had a problem with shoes, unless you call “obsession” a problem. They lived in their mothers heels when they were tiny and I spent more time picking them up when I heard the thud, and hoisting them back into them. Now they’re all grown up, and well, I’d have to say something’s never change. But now I have to think about HOW I can put them pack in them.. thanks again.

  21. Okay . . . I saw that you followed me today. Thank you. I haven’t followed any new (to me) blogs in a long time because my email in-box was already bugling and about to combust into flames. But, you are adorable. I love your sense of humor. I’m a new fan . . .

  22. Yeh I like the idea of dressing him up with two different shoes. If he really doesn’t care then it wont matter–he’s got shoes on and that’s where your responsibility ends. A good mom–he’s got shoes. If he is somewhat put out by the idea of having two different shoes on then he may be more motivated to finding the missing foot gear. Either way–you’re good–Jim

  23. Did he lose the shoe inside the house? Outside at school? I’m thinking the alien shoe abduction makes sense. Forget what your therapist says. Thanks for following me. Love your post.

  24. Did you ever see the Beyond the Fringe review and the skit on Lost n the Underground. It was based on a news item that reported 500 pairs of men’s trousers were being disposed o by the lost and found depart,net of London Transport. The skit deals with how this many pairs of men’s trousers could have gone missing. They thought it might be part of a conspiracy and 500 men had been sent out into the underground to divest themselves of their pants…maybe your son is part of a larger conspiracy – maybe he knows where those socks are going too.

  25. Oh my! Is this something I have to look forward to?! ACK!

  26. Thank you for following me. I love your sarcasm, and there have been many times that I, too, want to bang my head against the wall. So, I completely understand. I am looking forward to more of your posts:)

  27. Funny! I like the look and feel of your blog. Thanks for the follow and I’m going to keep track of you for some giggles! šŸ™‚

  28. I think I have found your son’s shoes. They are strewn all over the beaches here in San Diego. Seriously, every time I go for a walk, (and that’s daily) it never fails that I spot one kiddy shoe, filled with sand and entangled in seaweed. I keep thinking, “I’d like to meet the mother that leaves the beach with her child wearing just one shoe. Pleased to make your acquaintance. šŸ˜‰

  29. Indeed just the other day my son left his boots at school. ANd considering the polar vortex we have been under that was not the wisest thing. yikes, little boys and their shoes…

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