TWEETLESS in Summerland   2 comments

I know I am going to sound about 100 years old but WTF is twitter? How does it work and why does one do it?

That being said, ironically, I do have a twitter account….I just can’t figure out why?

Being a human living with ADD I would think that tweeting would be right up my alley…one sentence…and your done…what could be better about that? I generally stop being interested about 1-2 sentences in on most subject so this form of media is kinda perfect.

But I really don’t know what it is? I can’t figure out if I’m over thinking it or if it is actually just way beyond my skillset.


WTF are hash tags because if I were to hazard a guess I would have to say say that they were a labelling system for an illegal narcotic..

I would love to embrace this crazy twitter world and tweet the shit out the cyberspace but I just don’t get it. Sharing random non sensical thoughts about random things is kinda my jam.


Why do strangers follow other strangers who really have nothing interesting to say? Not judging just saying…if a twit tweets in the woods and no one follows them are they just twiddling their thumbs?

Someone please explain this phenomena that is supposed to antiquate Facebook in the not distant future..Cause I don’t want to be the only pre geriatric person who doesn’t give a tweet….


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2 responses to “TWEETLESS in Summerland

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  1. Mate! – you’ve got me started … Twitter is the biggest load of shit ever perpetrated on morons by other morons. And they willingly accept its perfectly LUDICROUS control over their lives (bit like your kids; but being a non-parent, I can’t truthfully empathise) with joy, even! Tweeps DESERVE each other, that’s my belief. Those of us who’ve dipped a toe in and rapidly withdrawn it because Twitter is so … so *mindless* simply cannot comprehend the manic obsession displayed by these halfwits. But then, I feel much the same about Facebook. Shock horror, eh?

  2. Hilariously expressed! I’m not getting it either but this quote . . .
    “if a twit tweets in the woods and no one follows them are they just twiddling their thumbs?”
    needs to be copyrighted, and THEN tweeted. It’s perfect!!

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