Dear Telephone Marketer   1 comment

Dear Telephone Marketer

First off you’re wicked awesome don’t let anyone say anything different. I just wanted to give you a proper shout out because I think you get kind of a bad rap. Sure you call at dinner time and ramble on for a full 3 minutes before pausing for a breath or requiring a responses. But how amazing is that…


I once held my breath in an outhouse for a full minute and I got to be honest I darn near passed out….although there could have been a gas leak that contributed to my near death experience ….but still.


And sure you are reading from a script and often fail to make the appropriate affect when delivering your speech….but look at you …you are a reader…good for you!!!!


And I would be remiss in mentioning the fact that you literally will not take “not interested” as an acceptable response…..way to be a go getter.


It seems to me that with all of these attributes ( gifts really) you could perhaps find a way to make a living where you could be just a little less irritating to the general populous….not talking about myself…cause I got nothin but love for you…it’s just that I hear talk…and I am not gonna lie to you… fall somewhere between pond scum and politician on the likeability scale.


Anyway gotta run I’m late for work and my phone is ringing…hey maybe it’s you!!!!











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One response to “Dear Telephone Marketer

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  1. Okay, why doesn’t this have a hundred likes and comments at least? Where are you getting your topic ideas from?! I love them! Another hit out of the ball park! What got freshly pressed, by the way? I think all your posts should get sent to that dry-cleaner in the sky to be immortalized forever! (like my wedding dress never did!)

    And now, I will stop binge commenting on your blog because I see that my stupid photo is getting plastered over and over under, “Recent Comments.”

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