The Strategic Engineering of the Bathing Suit   Leave a comment

Question: should bathing suits ( ridiculous name btw) ***be more expensive when they are merely a suggestion? Meaning when the coverage of said bathing suit is not much more than a pasty and a bit of string? Is it the strategic engineering of the garment that drives the cost? I’m thinking it must be….I bet that there is a plethora ( word of the day…your welcome) of scientists held up in lab somewhere probably Germany ( world famous for their engineering capabilities) coming up with these designs that quite frankly must involve witchcraft or prayer to keep them from revealing all the secrets of a woman’s nether regions. And while I applaud there efforts….geniuses and nothing less….it begs the question what’s the point? If you are willing to pay an enormous amount of money for the mere illusion of a swim suit and have that kind of disposable income I would like to invite you over to my house to see my new zoo…..we have invisible unicorns,invisible snufflufigus and our world famous ( pending ) invisible aquarium where you can enjoy the gentle frolicking of our very own invisible Ogopogo ( three shows a day every day) small charge of only $100 per attraction.

Hours of operation pending approval from the district of summerland. However I will be taking per bookings and am a big fan of cash!


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