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So what began as an innocent request for cleaner dishes…..has quickly evolved or devolved depending on ones perspective. I am remaining positive and steadfast in my commitment to this new chaos. The reasoning behind this is simple…we are idiots.


In a good relationship there needs to be two opposing forces that can create balance. For example one partner can be a spendthrift as long as the other partner still has a framed picture of the first dollar they ever made. Simply put there must be a yoda to every Darth Vader.. unfortunately with Vance and I ..one of us is lighting the fire while the other is pouring the gasoline. We don’t know when to leave well enough alone…


So strap in for the ride kids. We got our tool belts locked and loaded and there is no looking back…we will take no prisoners and we will leave no tile unturned. If there is paint in the can when we’ve finished then someone forgot to let in the dogs. What Resh home improvement project ( again please appreciate the optimism…doctor said the meds would help…and they do ….they really do!  would be complete without a set of paw prints tracked from one end of the house to the other? Peace out




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