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Friends country men/women lend me an ear…..I need you all to do me a solid…if I ever and I do mean ever …mention that I’m going to paint again…would you please stage some sort of intervention…nothing elaborate just a friendly yet strongly worded reminder that painting is well beyond my skillset. Painting and I are not well suited for one another.


When I paint its like I lose all control…and it ends up,looking like I had some sort of epileptic event with a can of paint and a wall. …and a floor and the dog…and every inch of my body….in fact if there is a square inch of surface that has somehow not managed to be profoundly scarred by my brush it must have somehow happened by divine intervention….


I start off so well intended …I have full protective painter suit, gloves, masking tape ( I confess I do get a we bit lackadaisical with that after a few feet….not my fault..tape is less than spectacular) I have plastic drop to cover the floor. I literally spare no expense in my prep work as I’m a planner by nature and I like things to go well.


Unfortunately regardless of all my effort and careful planning the evil pull of gravity wins the day…suffice it to say…that while each of us is gifted in many a different way..the ability to have paint meet wall and little else was not something I was genetically predisposed for. I have to leave you now as I must try and figure out if the colour yellow aka #11135 is something I can make work as a new hair colour or if I need to call my hairdresser in the morning…I really just wanted cleaner dishes…sad face…Image


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