I would like to apologize for……   1 comment

I am appalled by my grammar. I know you probably are too. I use the …… a lot I know. Should there have been a comma in there somewhere? Probably? I may also have reinvented the run on sentence and could someone please explain to me what the hell you use a semi colon for? See what I did there….classic example of the sentence that put on a pair of sneakers and went for a jog. Anyway what the semi colon? cause I got nothing…with the exception of using them in emails that require me to send to multiple recipients….I need an editor. Or maybe some remedial English courses…. There I go again with the ……I use the…..for dramatic pause and comedic timing purposes….or sometimes accidentally when one of pets walks across my keyboard.


You know what else I suck at….spelling. Which is why I am mostly grateful for spellcheck. I say mostly because sometimes in an effort to be more gangster and relevant I like to use language that is not yet in the English dictionary. And then spellcheck gets all up in bizness and be going like this be cray cray you can’t spell business like that…but I be like “sorry Mr.Spellcheck I got to me and this is how the playah plaz”…Notice I started that last sentence with the word “and” pretty sure English teachers across the planet would be losing their minds over that one too.


So there it is kids I can’t spell or punctuate properly. Probably not the biggest news flash if you have read any of my stuff. So if you don’t mind putting up with all that I would love to have you follow me on my blog….and feel free to share the link with friends,family and foes who have a hate on for people with crappy grammar. Cheers!Image


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  1. I cannot stop laughing ! We are true blogmates! I use . . . all the time. In my mind, it’s the visual for “wait for it . . . ” lol But recently, I thought I was wearing out my welcome with . . . (also because I sing that “dot, dot, dot” song from Mama Mia movie in the shower) so I changed it up with – – – and patted myself on the back for being so clever, and if not clever – – – well at least “dashing!” PS. You broke me up with the only use for a semi-colon is multi-recipient emails!! I have problems with a colon too, but luckily my Dr. doesn’t think it requires surgery. LOVING YOUR BLOG!

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